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Marvin is a director, cinematographer, and editor.  Since a teenager, Marvin has been a student of film watching all types of movies and wanting to one day make his own. He always had some type of camera in his hand trying to film whomever he can and whoever would let him.


Marvin has filmed short shorts, music videos, interviews, and events since 2017.  Marvin runs a full production company called Bay Boy Films which he established in 2020 after 4 years of learning the trade. In 2016 he first started his career as a wide-eyed photographer eager to make a name for himself. One year later Marvin started getting into cinematography and never looked back from there. 


In addition, Marvin started writing and directing films in 2019, which he wrote and directed his first film called Kendrick. 




Jasmine is an independent producer committed to bringing a film to life. In 2020, Jasmine began a producing collaboration with Bay Boy Films on their first project, Kendrick. Jasmine comes from an entertainment background. She is a host for a television company and working on many other projects.

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Director of  Photography

Cody has been a director of photography for over 10 years and has shot dozens of films as well as many music videos for high-profile artists. He has traveled all over the world for a variety of productions. Cody is a great storyteller with an extensive background as a photographer/filmmaker, having started originally as a photographer working in his home town of Baton Rouge, LA. 

For the last 5 years, Cody has been shooting independent films, as well as content for television.



Co Director/Lighting

Andrew started his company A Town Productions which covers photography and cinematography. He shoots music videos and photoshoots for artists and celebrities. He also shoots events, and weddings. Andrew specializes in directing, editing, and photography. 


"I mean I do it all I’m one of those whom most of the time need to do everything. I have had to pull back so I can focus more on the bigger picture of what’s happening on my sets."



Director of  Photography

Jose describes his approach to his craft as follows. "My job is to capture every single visual and put all the pieces together. When I am behind the camera I love to be able to see what the results will look like."

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